Game development

Why choose us?

Inspire Lab is one of the best game studios you can choose if you are looking for
Exceptional quality outsourcing services with reasonale price.

Save your precious time

Gathering with well-trained, open-minded, creative, game developers and game artists proficient at using latest advanced game engines, tools like: Unity, Cocos Creator, Spine, Clip Studio, PaintTools SAI, etc, we are confident to
carry out almost every single section of development, so you can save your time to focus on your core tasks. We will need you only a short time of your involvement.

Ideas and get consulted

Have different points of view, see things in new angels, we provide our customer lean and effective game development and art-design solutions. You can get our support, consulting, and advices at anytime.

Expand your strength

Choosing us as a partner just like you are a tiger with a pair of wings. All of our talented, dedicated members will be fight with you side by side, together we will make outstanding projects of game.

Services we offer

Game development

We provide solutions, ideas, develop and outsource mobile game applications. Using Unity and Cocos creator by our enthusiastic game developers to deliver incredible quality products.


2D & 3D animation

2D & 3D art

We will cover all art productions stage form sketching concept to deliver outstanding 2D & 3D art products and 2D & 3D animation, create concept art for game, promotional assets, motion graphics and characters.

More, in the near future …

Inspire lab has plan of developing and publishing our
own game applications.

Join our team

If you’re creative, hard working, and are looking to make a difference, you might want to consider working with us.


Services we offer


Behind all the great achievements of Inspire Lab is the international team with the most talented in software development and brand marketing.


Over the past 2 years, Inspire Lab has helped reposition the brand, set up the software, create a new technology direction for partners from many countries around the world.


In a saturated world with too many options and less time to consider, the battle to regain customers' attraction becomes extremely fierce.