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On June 19th, John Newbery – the Chaincode developer gathered a group of developers to examine a suggestion of changing Bitcoin code.
Via Internet Relay Chat (IRC), they discussed about if the change, what would help prevent from rogue miners trying to inflate bitcoin supply, could propose with limit of security risks and adverse factors.
Newbery’s purpose is to pass on all what he knows about reviewing code.
Was it appropriated time for a sustainable change?
“We can exploit this by push difficulty adjustment block into the future, and then pulling the next one back into present” – wrote about attack vector Newbery expert.
The fact that Newbery is holding such meetings is a signal showing the maturity of Bitcoin developer community as well as an example of how prior programmers worked hard to complete the project. Review code process has never been discussed such openly and professionally, so far.
Newbery established Bitcoin Core Review Club to provide programmers with advices of how to detect and determine a change if it would be beneficial for cryptocurrency market. The reports will be published on official website on a weekly basis.
This is possible because Bitcoin code is an open source on GitHub and anyone who is on-chain can access to – or even change it. This process has driven the project from coders once called “Monolithic blob” to an advanced software that is easier for developers with less severe bugs. Everyone is constantly trying to develop it, with the ambition of making a trustable code base for currency in further future.
One of reasons why Bitcoin is also called a currency that could be programmed is because unlike others cryptocurrencies, anyone who is knowledgeable could code additional functions on currency. And one of methods to learn code base is to determine and examine code programmed by coders, to ensure it truly works and there would be single bug caused, or – accidentally split Bitcoin network into half.
However, it would be difficult to know where to start through hundred pages of code and change suggested.
“IRC Club is for those who want to review Bitcoin core pull request but then, find out this process frightening” – The website explains,
“Reviewing and testing pull requests is the best way to begin contributing Bitcoin core, but it is hard to know where to begin. There are hundreds of distinctive pull requests, and almost them require contextual knowledge, also contributors as well as reviewers usually use unfamiliar terminology”
In conclusion, although the codes of this cryptocurrency can be accessed or changed by anyone, the implementation is not easy. It requires knowledge and practice to review them.


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